Why we made Radius Maps app

When hanging out with some friends, a regular Tinder user got a match notification, which was great. However, he had no clue where his newest match could possibly be with that “37 km. away” indication. Maybe that’s a way to protect users’ privacy.

What areas are included within 37km.?

37km. away? source

So we decided to make a little tool for him, and thousands of other Tinder(but no only Tinder) users out there. It’s an app that shows the radius distance given any point on maps. You can simply drop a pin using your current location, or long press anywhere to drop a pin, then see what areas that “37 km.”(or any other distance) could cover.

Radius Maps interface

We initially named the app as “Tinder Maps” but Apple has advised us to remove any Tinder related terms in the app. We think that it worth a short article to tell the story behind the making of Radius Maps.

You can download Radius Maps on the App Store, and good luck with it(Tinder matching or any other use). :-)

Radius Maps

Radius Maps


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